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Sayuri Oyamada (小山田 サユリ, born in Niigata Prefecture, Japan) is an actor in film, television and commercials. Oyamada has been featured in more than 20 feature films. She has worked in Japan and abroad, including locations in China, Haiti and the United States. She is currently based in New York City and Tokyo.
Oyamada’s professional work includes critically acclaimed films produced in Japan and internationally, including leads in “Bright Future” (2003), “Seventh Anniversary” (2003) “Miracle Banana” (2005) (Haiti), “Suki Da” (2006), “Watashi Dasuwa” (2009), “Insect Detective Yoshimi Yoshida” (2010). Her newest film, “While the Women Are Sleeping” “女が眠る時” directed by Wayne Wang (Joy Luck Club, Smoke, Maid in Manhattan) and also starring Takeshi Kitano, Hidetoshi Nishijima, and Shiori Kutsuna premiered at the 66th Annual Berlin International Film Festival (2016).
Oyamada’s Japan based commercial work includes Bridgestone “Good Winter” television campaign and work for brands such as Docomo, Sony, Lion and others. She has been featured in numerous commercials in the United States for such global brands as SHISEIDO feat. Lady Gaga, Apple Watch, IBM, Audible (Amazon), and Keurig.

Height : 5’3, Hair : Black, Eyes : Brown
Skills : Swimming, Horse riding, Yoga, Ballet dance
Licenses (take in Japan) : Driver’s license, Kindergarten teacher’s license
The Japanese Govemment Overseas Study Program for Artist
The Japanese Govemment scholarship 2010
One behalf of the Japan-US Friendship (JUSFC )
The Japan-Unaited States Exchange Program in the Arts 2010-2011